Chiropractic Technique And Approach

My Approach

Dr. McAndrew is very friendly and outgoing; a professional who works extremely well with patients and values their input. He has a strong health-related background and has accumulated significant experience treating thousands of patients. He cares deeply about his patients and is committed to their health. He uses a research-backed chiropractic technique designed to treat specific symptoms. He is a strong believer in getting patients the care they need. If the health needs fall outside the treatment that Dr. McAndrew can provide, he will be happy to refer you to the right healthcare specialist. He has an extensive network of healthcare providers for referral.

My Chiropractic Technique

Dr. McAndrew offers various adjustment techniques depending on the individual’s health needs and comfort level.

He offers both manual and instrument adjustment methods, depending upon the patient’s preference. When using the manual technique, he can vary the amount of force and specific approach used to best fit patient age, condition and specific ailment (i.e., degeneration). Dr. McAndrew has purchased specialized equipment that allows him to customize his approach to best serve patient need and desire.

Dr. McAndrew also holds advanced certification in the Activator Methods technique. Activator is an instrument adjusting chiropractic technique that produces one of the lightest-force adjustments that Chiropractic can offer. Activator applies a repeatable, low-force impact to a specific area that achieves desired alignment. No “bending, twisting, popping, or cracking” is involved.

Diagnostic Services

  • High frequency, less radiation
  • Be able to see the structure of the spine with great clarity
  • Establish a baseline for care
  • Determines need for orthotics
  • Custom for each patient’s individual needs
  • Shows how balance effects posture and health

Therapy Services

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Promote healing on a cellular level
  • Can simultaneously perform electric stimulation in one unit
  • Class-IV laser is most powerful on market
  • Proven safe and effective
  • Increases spinal mobility and relaxes supporting musculature
  • Helps decompress the spine by opening joint and disc spaces
  • Complimentary with adjustment
  • Help relaxation and stress relief
  • Stretches and strengthening exercises to aid in recovery
  • In office and at home

Products Available For Purchase

  • Custom made to fit individual needs
  • Provides solid foundation for rest of body
  • Core Products Tri-core supportive pillow
  • Great support for back and side-sleeping positions
  • Helps contour to your neck’s natural curves
  • At home care for spinal mobility and muscular tension
  • Mimics intersegmental roller table
  • Good for trigger points and tight muscles
  • Helps get hard to reach places on back
  • Pure essential oils
  • Many benefits: combat stress, improve mood, better sleep etc.

Make a difference in your health and wellness

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