5 Stages of Patient Care

There are five stages of care that a patient could fall into depending upon health status. Dr. McAndrew will use health history, comprehensive physical exam, digital x-ray, and state-of-art equipment to get an accurate picture of your current spinal health. This will allow a good assessment of your health needs and dialogue around treatment plan and cost.

Wellness Care

I feel good, no specific problems or worries

Perfect For Year Round Health and Wellness

No matter the time of year of your history of health, continual wellness care will help you feel your best.


I’ve regained my health and want to keep old problems from recurring

Chiropractic Prevention and Maintence

Maintenance helps prevents future problems, and reduce risk of aggravating old problems.

Supportive Care

I want to keep the progress I’ve made by continuing care

Continue Improvements to your Wellness

Supportive Care uses a full spine approach shifting focus from local curves to global full spine curves and function.

Corrective Care

I want to truly fix my spinal dysfunction and retrain muscular weakness

Chiropractic Stregnthening & Corrective Care

Corrective Care offers further improvements to chief complaint, pain, inflammation, and range of motion.

Pain Relief Care

I want to be pain free as quickly as possible

Chiropractic Pain Relief & Stabilization Care

Pain Relief visits include problem focused adjustments to stabilize area and reduce patient’s pain and inflammation.

What to Expect

Free initial consults are offered to determine if chiropractic is a good fit for you. At the initial consult, patients will receive visual postural analysis, range of motion testing, Tytron thermal scan, Foot Leveler 3D foot scan with reports, and health questionnaire.

On the first visit, patients will undergo a comprehensive physical exam to determine health status and need for care. Digital X-ray will also be taken depending on health history and exam findings. Exam and x-rays findings will be gone over in depth at the second visit during Report of Findings.

The Tytron Thermal Spine Scan will help detect temperature imbalance between sides of the spine, indicating nerve interference, a key component of vertebral subluxation. Dr. McAndrew will also use the Foot Leveler 3D foot and Body Scan to help determine each patient’s individual need for orthotics. Will also demonstrate how foot position and balance can effect posture and spinal health. Both of these scans come with complimentary report. We will re-preform these scans at periodic intervals to track progress.

Dr. McAndrew also compliments adjustments with therapies to aid in recovery. Dr. McAndrew uses cold laser therapy to help promote healing at the cellular level, reducing pain and inflammation. This therapy is quickly replacing ultrasound and electrical stimulation and is used by many top athletes worldwide. Being a class-IV laser, this technology is the most powerful on the market, however it produces a “cold-laser” which provides safety and comfort.

Dr. McAndrew also uses intersegmental traction tables which help loosen the spine and supporting musculature to help relax the patient before each adjustment. Continued use can help combat effects of gravity to decompress the spine and help restore proper joint/disc space and function. Dr. McAndrew will educate patients about foam rolling to help mobilize the spine at home.

At the end of each adjustment, Dr. McAndrew uses hand held massager while on the table helping to relieve tension and relax the patient, letting the adjustment fully settle. Dr. McAndrew also invites each patient to sit in our massage chair for extra relaxation at no additional cost. Aromatherapy will also be used in the office to promote a healing atmosphere.

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